The Best Little Hookahs

A lot of people have doubts if a small Hookah Vancouver is really good or leaves a craving for bigger hookah model. So we decided to separate some products for you to be inspired at the time of purchase.

Is a small Hookah good? Worth it?

The fact that hookah is small does not mean that it is bad. What determines the flow, number of smoke and etc, is more connected to the preparation and quality of the materials you are using, than to the size of the hookah, besides the ease and convenience at the time of transportation.

We list some small Khalil Mamoon hookah Vancouver that will take care of the message and do not leave you in the hand.

Al Farid Top

Starting with this small aluminum, with a simpler but well finished design, it has several colors available (Red, rose, satin white, light blue, dark blue, bronze, green, purple, golden, black, pink) with good quality anodized paint, good breather and good flow too, measuring approximately 19cm complete with 10cm down stem, is one of the cheapest aluminum Hookah on the market.

Zeus Single

It is the second small version of the Zeus brand, it came after the Zeus Smart, made of aluminum, measuring approximately 26cm complete, has a fine finish, with anodized paint available also in several colors (silver, gold, graphite, purple , light blue, dark blue, glossy black, matte black, green, frosted white, rosé, bronze, red and pink). The price is in the range of $280.

King Empire HookahThis is the third version of King’s small Hookah, came after the Joker and the Tower that went out of the line. Made of aluminum with fine finish and anodized paint. Its Hookah Accessories Vancouver are available in different colors, its design is the differential, it has approximately 18cm. Its value is in the house of $139.


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